Image Processing Pipeline for Personalized TVB Model Construction via HBP Neuroinformatics Platform

The TVB pipeline allows neuroscientists to automatically extract structural connectomes from diffusion-weighted MRI data and functional connectomes from fMRI data based on a number of state-of-the-art methods for image processing, tractography reconstruction and connectome generation. Pipeline output can be directly uploaded to The Virtual Brain neuroinformatics platform for large-scale brain simulation. Further pipeline outputs include: raw tractography output (track streamlines), structural (coupling weights and distances) and functional connectomes, region-wise fMRI time series, M/EEG region-wise source activity time series. The pipeline supports the following atlasses: AAL, AAL2, Craddock200, Craddock400, Desikan Killiany, Destrieux, Human Connectome Project Multimodal Parcellation and Perry512.


The Virtual Brain as a Tool for Clinical Research and Decisions - in the Medical Informatics Platform

We partner the new HBP Partnering Project VirtualBrainCloud (TVB-Cloud). TVB-Cloud will develop and validate a decision support system that provides access to high quality multi-disciplinary data for clinical practice. The result will be a cloud-based brain simulation platform to support personalized diagnostics and treatments in NDD.

With TVB-Cloud we organize annual stakeholder conferences and establishing links to European policy makers.

Clinical application of TVB for epilepsy surgery planning is presently tested in a Clincila Trial.

Epinov: Improving EPilepsy surgery management and progNOsis using Virtual brain technology



Virtual Brain Experience: Interact, Immerse, Learn! Linking to Communities and Society


We have developed 'The Virtual Brain Software', an interactive software that can be operated via touch screen. It is now part of the Travelling Exhibition that started in July 2019 at Bloomfield Museum in Jerusalem organized by the HBP Museum Program (SP11).

Interactive Brain Webatlas for the Public


Selected Publications


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