The MIP is an online collaborative tool for the scientific and medical community. Medical Informatics Platform federates patient data located in hospitals around the world, helping researchers to identify patterns unique to diseases to provide clear diagnoses and personalized treatments.

  • Data is collected by the hospitals. It is stored on their servers and never leaves the hospital.
  • Each hospital keeps its data within its secured server, and the MIP is installed on this server.
  • Each analysis is ran by algorithms installed on the server, inside the hospital.
  • Only aggregated results are shared outside.
  • The databases are not explorable by users.
  • MIP Local Level : Each hospital can run analysis on its own data
  • MIP Federate : Analysis can be distributed over all the hospitals. 
The software, deployed in each hospitals capture, anonymize, federate and analyse patients' data 
The team is developing processes for easier capture of brain images and feature processing, data storage and distribution, and machine learning tools to extract biological signatures from multi-level data.
We also intend to foster greater collaboration to develop and share research insights both within and outside the HBP, with the goal of placing the MIP as one of the most effective foundations for critical breakthroughs in the field of neurology.


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Medical Informatics Platform


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