Here you can find selected recent media reports on the Human Brain Project. The HBP has been featured in BBC News, Bloomberg, Euronews, and many other prestigious publications.



Bild der Wissenschaft (Germany): Der neue Gehirnatlas


Telepolis (Germany): Deutsche Forscher veröffentlichen ersten 3D-Atlas des menschlichen Gehirns

HPC wire: PRACE and ICEI / Fenix Join Forces to Service European Researchers


ideaXme (US): Breakthrough in Developing Technology to Restore Functional Vision for the Blind

Science et Vie TV (France): Global Science - Medicine, Researching the Next Cure

in (Greece): Brain implant promises vision to the blind

HPC Wire: Discover EBRAINS: A Look Inside Europe's New Platform for the Brain

Tio (Switzerland): Il primo atlante 3D del cervello umano

GEO (Germany): INTERVIEW "Unser Gehirn ist eines der komplexesten Systeme"

La Stampa (Italy): Il gemello virtuale dell’uomo è la prossima frontiera della medicina

Connect GEANT (France): The Human Brain Project: the game-changer in navigating brain networks

Der Tagesspiegel (Germany): Eine neue Ära in der Hirnforschung

France 24 (France): Inside the human brain

20minutos (Spain): Computación neuromórfica: el salto de la inteligencia artificial a la inteligencia natural de las máquinas

CORDIS (EU): Promoting scientific research with new cloud supercomputing infrastructure

The Conversation (France): Médecine personnalisée : demain, à chacun son cerveau virtuel

Technology Networks: Bird Brain? The Avian Brain Is Far More Complex Than First Thought

Research Professional News: The man with two brains

Primeur Weekly Magazine: Human Brain Project launches 'Brain Matters' webinar series

Research Professional News: Ebrains neuroscience platform seeks top European recognition

Science Business: Human Brain Project spin-off applies for EU research infrastructure funding

Health Tech World (UK): Human Brain Project launches ‘Google Earth’ of the brain

CORDIS (EU): Mapping the human brain to better understand its functions and diseases


Horizon Magazine: Can the world emerge from the pandemic a better place?

Mad in America (USA): Psychiatry and the Selves We Might Become: An Interview with Sociologist Nikolas Rose

Aerzteblatt (Germany): Wissenschaftler präsentieren 3D-Atlas des menschlichen Gehirns auf Mikroebene

Nexo (Brazil): Como é o primeiro atlas 3D do cérebro humano

Santelog (France): Cerveau: Un gigantesque atlas dévoile sa cytoarchitecture

Sapo (Portugal): Cientistas criaram atlas 3D do cérebro humano ao género Google Earth

Iatronet (Greece): Το πρώτο "Google Earth" του εγκεφάλου

Singularity Hub: These Scientists Just Completed a 3D ‘Google Earth’ for the Brain

Design & Elektronik (Germany): Menschliches Gehirn als Vorbild: So wird KI deutlich energieeffizienter

HPC Wire: New BSC Spin-Off Provides a Cloud Platform for Fast Data Analytics

HPC Wire: Human Brain Project Enters Last Phase to Deliver Sustainable Research Infrastructure for Neuroscience

Technology Networks (UK): The Human Brain Project Has Entered Its Final Phase of Research

Engineering & Technology (UK): Neurology: thinking outside the box

Athens Voice (Greece): Xénia Minder: Η αλπινίστρια που παραλίγο να πεθάνει δύο φορές

Science Node (USA): The art of bringing science to life

PC tipp (Switzerland): Neuer Ansatz für eine biologische Programmiersprache

Laboratory News (UK): The human brain built by AI: A transatlantic collaboration

Fortune Greece (Greece): Το ερευνητικό κέντρο «Αθηνά» συμμετέχει στο εμβληματικό ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα Human Brain Project

POLITICO (EU): MEGA PROJECT: Paweł Świeboda has officially been appointed chief of the Human Brain Project

Research Professional News: EU adviser to lead digital neuroscience infrastructure

InsideHPC: Jülich Supercomputers Power New Insights into Brain Imaging

Yahoo Finance (USA): Global Neuromorphic Chip Industry

European Animal Research Association (EU): Fighting coronavirus using computer modelling

Global Research (Canada): Neurotechnology Overview: Wiring Human Brains Directly to Computers

Open Access GovernmentBrain diseases at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

HBP experts on the COVID-19 pandemic:

Welt (Germany): Hoffnung auf digitales Double

Gemeinnutzige Hertie Stiftung (Germany): Wie sieht die Hirnforschung der Zukunft aus?

La Stampa (Italy): Decifrare il cervello significa ripartire dai canali dei neuroni

MOST Science Channel: STEM: Human Brain Project

Forbes (USA): Neurotechnology & Corporate Wellbeing? Yes, Please!

Parliament Magazine (EU): The noncommunicable disease pandemic

Mondo Padan (Italy): Un cervello meraviglioso

The National Herald (Greece): Pavlopoulos: AI Will Bring Breakthroughs in Understanding Human Brain

VDI Nachrichten (Germany): Faszination Gehirn – das Human Brain Project

DIE ZEIT (Germany): Think better in a network

Science Post (France): Voici BigBrain, l’atlas 3D le plus précis du cerveau!

Laborjournal (Germany): Gehirn-Simulator


Technology Networks (USA): Simulation-based Method To Target Epilepsy Goes to Clinical Trials 

Nature (United Kingdom): The search for secrets of the human brain

Saechsische Zeitung (Germany): Dresdner Forscher bauen das Gehirn nach

Nature (United Kingdom): The four biggest challenges in brain simulation 

The Scientist (USA): Building a Silicone Brain

Europapress (Spain): La nueva generación de robots tendrá manos más humanas

Das Parlament (Germany): Ein Projekt der Hoffnung

TELOS / BBC News Mundo (Spain): Mavi Sánchez Vives: “Nuestro cerebro humano ya está en la nube, pero aún está por ver si nuestras ideas o sentimientos pueden volcarse en un ordenador”


El Pais (Spain): Ética para el estudio del cerebro

Aachener Zeitung (Germany): Verstehen, wie unser Gehirn tickt

Scientific American / (USA): A New Supercomputer Is the World’s Fastest Brain-Mimicking Machine

Sueddeutsche Zeitung / Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany): Künstliche Dummheit / Den Weg der Information ergründen

Science Friday (USA): Trying To Build A Computer As Powerful As The Human Brain

Europapress (Spain): Una computadora soporta modelos biológicos de la corteza cerebral

Rheinische Post online (Germany): Die Vermessung des Gehirns

Technology Review (Germany): Von Hardware zu Hirnware

Diario ABC (Spain): Si las máquinas tuvieran conciencia, ¿lo sabríamos?

El Pais (Spain): Human Brain Project: un cerebro de ecuaciones

Kronen Zeitung (Germany): Unser Gehirn: Vorlage für den Computer der Zukunft

El Pais (Spain): Investigan cómo comunicarse con pacientes en coma que conservan consciencia