Here you can find selected recent media reports on the Human Brain Project. The HBP has been featured in BBC News, Bloomberg, Euronews, and many other prestigious publications.



HPC Wire: Human Brain Project Enters Last Phase to Deliver Sustainable Research Infrastructure for Neuroscience

Technology Networks (UK): The Human Brain Project Has Entered Its Final Phase of Research

Engineering & Technology (UK): Neurology: thinking outside the box

Athens Voice (Greece): Xénia Minder: Η αλπινίστρια που παραλίγο να πεθάνει δύο φορές

Science Node (USA): The art of bringing science to life

PC tipp (Switzerland): Neuer Ansatz für eine biologische Programmiersprache

Laboratory News (UK): The human brain built by AI: A transatlantic collaboration

Fortune Greece (Greece): Το ερευνητικό κέντρο «Αθηνά» συμμετέχει στο εμβληματικό ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα Human Brain Project

POLITICO (EU): MEGA PROJECT: Paweł Świeboda has officially been appointed chief of the Human Brain Project

Research Professional News: EU adviser to lead digital neuroscience infrastructure

InsideHPC: Jülich Supercomputers Power New Insights into Brain Imaging

Yahoo Finance (USA): Global Neuromorphic Chip Industry

European Animal Research Association (EU): Fighting coronavirus using computer modelling

Global Research (Canada): Neurotechnology Overview: Wiring Human Brains Directly to Computers

Open Access GovernmentBrain diseases at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

HBP experts on the COVID-19 pandemic:

Welt (Germany): Hoffnung auf digitales Double

Gemeinnutzige Hertie Stiftung (Germany): Wie sieht die Hirnforschung der Zukunft aus?

La Stampa (Italy): Decifrare il cervello significa ripartire dai canali dei neuroni

MOST Science Channel: STEM: Human Brain Project

Forbes (USA): Neurotechnology & Corporate Wellbeing? Yes, Please!

Parliament Magazine (EU): The noncommunicable disease pandemic

Mondo Padan (Italy): Un cervello meraviglioso

The National Herald (Greece): Pavlopoulos: AI Will Bring Breakthroughs in Understanding Human Brain

VDI Nachrichten (Germany): Faszination Gehirn – das Human Brain Project

DIE ZEIT (Germany): Think better in a network

Science Post (France): Voici BigBrain, l’atlas 3D le plus précis du cerveau!

Laborjournal (Germany): Gehirn-Simulator


Technology Networks (USA): Simulation-based Method To Target Epilepsy Goes to Clinical Trials 

Nature (United Kingdom): The search for secrets of the human brain

Saechsische Zeitung (Germany): Dresdner Forscher bauen das Gehirn nach

Nature (United Kingdom): The four biggest challenges in brain simulation 

The Scientist (USA): Building a Silicone Brain

Europapress (Spain): La nueva generación de robots tendrá manos más humanas

Das Parlament (Germany): Ein Projekt der Hoffnung

TELOS / BBC News Mundo (Spain): Mavi Sánchez Vives: “Nuestro cerebro humano ya está en la nube, pero aún está por ver si nuestras ideas o sentimientos pueden volcarse en un ordenador”


El Pais (Spain): Ética para el estudio del cerebro

Aachener Zeitung (Germany): Verstehen, wie unser Gehirn tickt

Scientific American / (USA): A New Supercomputer Is the World’s Fastest Brain-Mimicking Machine

Sueddeutsche Zeitung / Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany): Künstliche Dummheit / Den Weg der Information ergründen

Science Friday (USA): Trying To Build A Computer As Powerful As The Human Brain

Europapress (Spain): Una computadora soporta modelos biológicos de la corteza cerebral

Rheinische Post online (Germany): Die Vermessung des Gehirns

Technology Review (Germany): Von Hardware zu Hirnware

Diario ABC (Spain): Si las máquinas tuvieran conciencia, ¿lo sabríamos?

El Pais (Spain): Human Brain Project: un cerebro de ecuaciones

Kronen Zeitung (Germany): Unser Gehirn: Vorlage für den Computer der Zukunft

El Pais (Spain): Investigan cómo comunicarse con pacientes en coma que conservan consciencia

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