Understanding the Human Brain - Re-thinking Man and Machine - Geneva

Campus Biotech, Chemin des Mines 9, 1202 Genève

May 3, 2018 at 18:00 – May 3, 2018 at 21:00

The Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce (SSCC) in collaboration with the Human Brain Project (HBP) and Uppsala University are hosting an evening to understand and discuss the latest developments in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, medicine and robotics.

We are at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution with exponential development and integration of digital technologies in artificial intelligence, neurosciences, robotics, big data and blockchain influencing more and more sectors such as health, education, finance, security, mobility as well as affecting our everyday life. The Human Brain Project brings together more than 120 neuroscience and engineering research partner institutions from 19 European countries. The ambition is to create and operate a European research infrastructure for brain research, cognitive neuroscience and organise data describing the brain and its diseases as well as simulate the brain. Since 2015, the HBP has supported interdisciplinary research and infrastructure for neuroscience, medical research, neurorobotics, mathematics, physics and neuromorphic computing. Uppsala University is a partner institution and lead one of the 12 sub-projects of the HBP.

Behind every artificial intelligence (AI) device, self-driving car, self-learning robot and smart building, hides a variety of advanced algorithms that control learning and decision making. Some of the mathematical models that make up the backbone of advanced automated systems are currently under construction by researchers from Uppsala University and EPFL in Lausanne and Geneva.

We have invited senior researchers and industry leaders to discuss how we learn from the brain to build robots and computers of tomorrow, how to better understand and ultimately to treat diseases of the brain and how to integrate neuroscience research data into computer models and simulations.

More information on speakers and registration details can be found here: https://swecham.ch/news/151/19/Understanding-the-Human-Brain-Geneva/