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Training: Human data in EBRAINS - Governance & compliance

16 May, 14:00-18:00 CEST
Brain research generates and applies big, multidimensional and multifunctional data with different levels of sensitivity. The usability, quality, integrity, availability and security of these data are critical to excellent neuroscience research and innovation. To ensure these, EBRAINS has developed a responsible data governance framework/structure anchored on people, processes and technology to ensure FAIR data principles as well as Compliance. In this training, the nature of this framework and its practical applications in EBRAINS data processing workflows will be discussed.

The module will introduce a number of ethical compliance and data protection issues related to human data processing in neuroscience research, particularly issues raised by data processing activities in EBRAINS (such as informed consent, pseudonymisation, data controllership and data security). Participants will learn how to address these issues in ways that are socially acceptable, ethically responsible and legally compliant.

The Human Brain Project’s Capacity Development Committee works to provide researchers who are using the EBRAINS research infrastructure or who work within the Human Brain Project with the skills needed to identify and address ethical, legal, and societal issues that arise from brain research. Enabling a responsible research and innovation culture within the Human Brain Project, EBRAINS, and the neuroscience community. And raising awareness of the need to anticipate and deliberate on issues regarding responsibility through engaging with the public. This includes providing tools and methods for foresight as well as critical and philosophical reflection.

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