Molecular Perspectives on Protein-Protein Interactions

Eilat, Israel

Dec. 1, 2017 – Dec. 3, 2017

iNEXT workshop on Macromolecular Interactions


The conference aims to gather scientists from molecular cell biology, biochemistry, structural biology, biophysics and bioinformatics to explore the important field of protein-protein interactions.

The particular focus of the conference will be on molecular aspects of protein-protein interactions. Topics will include theory & computation, thermodynamics & kinetics, intrinsically unstructured protein complexes, PPI in disease & drug development, protein interaction networks, signaling complexes, membrane protein complexes, emerging & single molecule techniques, evolution & design as well as large multi-protein complexes. Fundamental and applied problems in these fields will be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective.

PPI2017 will be preceded by the  "iNEXT  workshop on macromolecular interactions”, for training existing and potential users of iNEXT facilities in analyzing