HBP Open Day 2018 - Maastricht

MECC Maastricht

Oct. 15, 2018 at 09:00 – Oct. 15, 2018 at 18:00

The Open Day of the 6th Annual Human Brain Project Summit will be held in Maastricht.

The day includes an exciting program for the general public interested in the latest developments on how modern computing technologies enhance our understanding of the human brain and how this knowledge can be applied to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for brain disorders.

A particular exciting part of the Open Day is the Science Market where HBP members present their work in the form of demos and experiences throughout the day allowing you, for example, to explore the brain in virtual and augmented reality or to interact with smart robots. Another highlight are keynote lectures from two highly distinguished and well-known scientists, Dick Swaab from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Jeff Hawkins from California, USA.

In the afternoon session researchers from Maastricht and the Netherlands will present selected highlights of local top research that is directly related to the mission of the Human Brain Project. Another highlight is the “Big Data in Clinical Neuroscience” session that will present big data studies in Europe including a presentation about the Maastricht study.

More details on the Open Day can be found at: https://www.hbpopendaysummit-2018.org/en