The HBP Student Representatives spoke for the Student Community in the HBP Education Programme Committee, which defined the strategy and the work plan of the HBP Education Programme. All HBP Work Packages were represented in the HBP Education Programme Committee.



The HBP Student Representative for the period of 1 November 2021 to 31 March 2023, is:

Paschal Ochang (De Montfort University)

The 4th Student Representative election took place in October 2021.
Paschal Ochang was elected by the HBP student community and has assumed office in November 2021.


The main tasks of the Student Representative:

  • Act as a voice of the growing student community at HBP Education Programme Committee Meetings
  • Help shaping the strategy of the Education Programme for the operational phase of the HBP
  • Act as linking point between the HBP student community, the Education Programme Office, HBP senior scientists and the HBP Consortium
  • Co-organise the HBP Student Conference
  • Organise networking events and student gatherings at HBP and HBP Education events


You can contact the HBP Student Representative at studentrep@humanbrainproject.eu


Name: Paschal Ochang

Social Media/Get in Touch: Twitter: @pascosoft, E-Mail: P2614609@my365.dmu.ac.uk

Role: PhD Student

Work Package & Location: WP4/WP9, De Montfort University, UK

Research/Thesis Title: Towards the understanding of global brain data governance

Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:

As a young researcher who is working on the ethical, legal and cultural issues in brain data governance, I have valuable experiences collaborating with HBP members from different WPs in the RIU-Hub. Having attended the 5th HBP Student Conference where I shared experiences with fellow students with similar expectations, challenges, and concerns, I was motivated to offer my services, both for the promotion of the great work of the HBP and to provide practical solutions to students’ concerns. This is similar to the work I do as a post graduate representative for the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR), De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom. Most importantly as an international student from Africa, I aim to raise awareness of the HBP activities both in the UK and internationally, especially in Africa where there is little knowledge of the project’s activities.