EBRAINS Computing Services

What we do

WP6 EBRAINS Computing Services develops, deploys, integrates and operates a variety of basic IT services  including neuromorphic computing systems and services, within the distributed HBP and EBRAINS infrastructure. The deployed systems enable the platform services layer and individual vertical solutions to integrate different services within complex workflows. The services of this infrastructure layer thus serve as a basis for the Service Categories (SCs) of WP4 and WP5 and can also be used by (expert) end users. Most of the tasks planned in this Work Package deal with the operation of these infrastructure services to ensure a high quality of service that can be achieved, e.g., by providing robust operational environments, and establishing mechanisms that allow for timely identification of problems.

Furthermore the Work Package supports the integration of the HBP Facility Hubs into the infrastructure layer. WP6 is also responsible for coordinating the proposal for having the HBP Research Infrastructure on the ESFRI roadmap and to prepare its operational phase.

How we're organized

WP6 EBRAINS Computing Services  develops, deploys, integrates and operates a variety of basic IT services within the distributed HBP and EBRAINS infrastructure:

  • the HPC/Cloud computing and storage services of the Fenix infrastructure, which are made available through the ICEI project
  • the neuromorphic computing services SpiNNaker and BrainScaleS
  • the HBP Collaboratory 
  • the EBRAINS accounts system ("identity provider" i.e. single sign on for EBRAINS services)  


Key people

  • Steve Furber
  • Andrew Rowley
  • Johannes Schemmel
  • Andrew Davison
  • Thomas Lippert
  • Dirk Pleiter
  • Cristiano Padrin
  • Colin McMurtrie
  • Sadaf Alam
  • Javier Bartolome
  • Michele Carpene
  • Dorian Krause
  • Gilles Wiber
  • Marc Morgan
  • Sabine Ruland

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Page contact

WP6 Coordination Team: wp6-coord(at)humanbrainproject.eu


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