What are EBRAINS Services?

The EBRAINS Research Infrastructure is comprised of three pillars: Data, Models and Computing Infrastructure. Each is constructed around a Work Package (WP) and six Services are offered. The Services rely on tools and workflows delivered by the WPs.

Learn more about each Service below:

EBRAINS Data and Knowledge

Online solutions to facilitate sharing of and access to research data, computational models and software


Spatial reference systems for navigating, characterising and analysing neuroscientific findings on the basis of anatomical location


Solutions for brain researchers to conduct sustainable simulation studies and share their results

Neurorobotics Platform

Simulating intelligent agents within realistic environments

Medical Data Analytics

The Medical Data Analytics service provides two unique EBRAINS platforms, covering key areas in clinical neuroscience research

Web-based, interactive workflows on HPC

Europe-wide access to scalable and interactive compute services