The Science and Infrastructure Board

The Science and Infrastructure Board (SIB) drives forward the HBP's scientific excellence, ensures the implementation of its research plan, and develops the Project's long-term roadmap. The SIB works closely with HBP scientists and governing bodies to ensure the Project is well-coordinated and science driven.

The elected Chair and Vice Chairs of the SIB are:

  • Chair of the SIB / Scientific Research Director – Katrin AMUNTS (Germany)
  • Vice-Chair of the SIB / Software Development Director – Alois KNOLL (Germany)
  • Vice-Chair of the SIB / Infrastructure Operations Director – Jan BJAALIE (Norway)

The elected Subproject Leaders, and Deputies, are:

SP1     Javier DEFELIPE (Deputies: Egidio D'ANGELO, Sten GRILLNER)

SP2     Katrin AMUNTS (Deputies: Jean-François MANGIN, Francesco PAVONE)

SP3     Cyriel PENNARTZ (Deputy: Lars MUCKLI, Maria V. SANCHEZ VIVES)

SP4     Alain DESTEXHE (Deputies: Viktor JIRSA, Marja-Leena LINNE)

SP5     Jan BJAALIE (Deputy: Timo DICKSCHEID)

SP6     Henry MARKRAM (Deputies: Jeanette HÄLLGREN KOTALESKI, Felix SCHÜRMANN)


SP8     Philippe RYVLIN (Deputy: Yannis IOANNIDIS, Mira MARCUS-KALISH)

SP9     Steve FURBER -  ad interim  (Deputy: Johannes SCHEMMEL - ad interim)

SP10     Alois KNOLL (Deputy: Marc-Oliver GEWALTIG)

SP12     Kathinka EVERS (Deputy: Lars KLÜVER)

Partnering Projects representative

Luc GENTET (from CANON partnering project)


A model of the mouse brain. Simulating and modelling the mouse brain is part of the work of the HBP's Brain Simulation Platform.