Co-Design Project 1

Co-Design Project 1 -
Development of the Whole Mouse Brain Model and the Related Mouse Brain Atlas

The first of the HBP Co-Design Projects, which involve multidisciplinary units from a number of Subprojects, consists of two components focused on research and engineering.

The first of these focuses on defining a number of scenarios (‘use cases') that represent some of the larger scientific questions that can be addressed using the HBP Platforms once the Co-Design Project has been completed. These research use cases will define which in silico preparations (e.g. whole brain models, slice models, etc.) the Platforms should provide, and how they can be measured and stimulated. The use cases also define the types of signals that can be measured in the in silico preparations, which will, in turn, dictate the granularity of the models (e.g. population/field models, point neuron networks, etc.) that should be used. The engineering component of the Co-Design Project will focus on developing Products based on the HBP Platforms that will make the use cases possible. For each of these Products, the researcher should be able to formulate the use case or related experiments in the Collaboratory, run the experiment in the Collaboratory, and access and analyse the results of the experiment in the Collaboratory or offline. A physical experimental platform will also be provided, to generate key missing mouse brain data to refine and validate the simulations.

The CDP1 Products are as follows:

  • CDP1-P1: Reference set-up of the experiment
  • CDP1-P2: A virtual anatomy lab app
  • CDP1-P3: A virtual imaging lab app
  • CDP1-P4: A virtual behaviour lab app
  • CDP1-P5: A data explorer and importer app

CDP Science Leader: Francesco PAVONE

CDP Implementation Leader: Marc-Oliver GEWALTIG