2014 Publications

41 HBP-funded scientific publications in 2014

Abdelmoula, W. M., Škrášková, K., Balluff, B., Carreira, R. J., Tolner, E. A., Lelieveldt, B. P., van der Maaten, L., Hans Morreau, H., van den Maagdenberg, A. M. J. M, Heeren, R. M. A., McDonnell, L. A. & Dijkstra, J. (2014). Automatic generic registration of mass spectrometry imaging data to histology using nonlinear stochastic embeddingAnalytical Chemistry86: 9204-9211.

Adhikari, P. R., Vavpetič, A., Kralj, J., Lavrač, N., & Hollmén, J. (2014, January). Explaining Mixture Models through Semantic Pattern Mining and Banded Matrix VisualizationDiscovery Science 8777: 1-12.

Anton-Sanchez, L., Bielza, C., Merchán-Pérez, A., Rodríguez, J. R., DeFelipe, J., & Larrañaga, P. (2014). Three-dimensional distribution of cortical synapses: a replicated point pattern-based analysisFrontiers in Neuroanatomy8: 1-15.

Antonelli, R., Pizzarelli, R., Pedroni, A., Fritschy, J. M., Del Sal, G., Cherubini, E., & Zacchi, P. (2014). Pin1-dependent signalling negatively affects GABAergic transmission by modulating neuroligin2/gephyrin interactionNature Communications5: 5066.

Asllani, M., Challenger, J. D., Pavone, F. S., Sacconi, L., & Fanelli, D. (2014). The theory of pattern formation on directed networksNature Communications5: 4517.

Bedard, C., & Destexhe, A. (2014). Generalized cable formalism to calculate the magnetic field of single neurons and neuronal populationsPhysical Review E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 90: 042723. 

Bielza, C., & Larrañaga, P. (2014). Bayesian networks in neuroscience: a surveyFrontiers in Computational Neuroscience8: 131.

Bill, J., & Legenstein, R. (2014). A compound memristive synapse model for statistical learning through STDP in spiking neural networksFrontiers in Neuroscience8: 412.

Castellazzi, G., Palesi, F., Casali, S., Vitali, P., Sinforiani, E., Wheeler-Kingshott, C. A., & D'Angelo, E. (2014). A comprehensive assessment of resting state networks: bidirectional modification of functional integrity in cerebro-cerebellar networks in dementiaFrontiers in Neuroscience8: 223.

Chiovini, B., Turi, G. F., Katona, G., Kaszás, A., Pálfi, D., Maák, P., Gergely Szalay, G., Szabó, M. F., Szabó, G., Szadai Z., Káli, S. & Rózsa, B. (2014). Dendritic spikes induce ripples in parvalbumin interneurons during hippocampal sharp wavesNeuron82: 908-924.

Clarke, A. M., Herzog, M. H., & Francis, G. (2014). Visual crowding illustrates the inadequacy of local vs. global and feedforward vs. feedback distinctions in modeling visual perceptionFrontiers in Psychology5: 1193.

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D'Angelo, E. (2014). The organization of plasticity in the cerebellar cortex: from synapses to controlProgress in Brain Research210: 31-58.

Frasconi, P., Silvestri, L., Soda, P., Cortini, R., Pavone, F. S., & Iannello, G. (2014). Large-scale automated identification of mouse brain cells in confocal light sheet microscopy imagesBioinformatics, 30: i587-i593.

Friedrich, P., Vella, M., Gulyás, A. I., Freund, T. F., & Káli, S. (2014). A flexible, interactive software tool for fitting the parameters of neuronal modelsFrontiers in Neuroinformatics8: 63.

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Giese, M. A. (2014). Skeleton model for the neurodynamics of visual action representationsArtificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning8681 :707-714.

Gudu, D., Hardt, M., & Streit, A. (2014). Evaluating the performance and scalability of the Ceph distributed storage system2014 IEEE International Conference onBig Data: 177-182.

Hernando, J. B., Duelo, C., & Martin, V. (2014). Visualization of Large-Scale Neural SimulationsBrain-Inspired Computing8603: 184-197.

Jonke, Z., Habenschuss, S., & Maass, W. (2014). A theoretical basis for efficient computations with noisy spiking neuronsarXiv preprint arXiv:1412.5862.

Kabdebon, C., Leroy, F., Simmonet, H., Perrot, M., Dubois, J., & Dehaene-Lambertz, G. (2014). Anatomical correlations of the international 10–20 sensor placement system in infantsNeuroImage99: 342-356.

King, J. R., & Dehaene, S. (2014). A model of subjective report and objective discrimination as categorical decisions in a vast representational space. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 369(1641): 20130204.

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Mihaljević, B., Bielza, C., Benavides-Piccione, R., DeFelipe, J., & Larrañaga, P. (2014). Multi-dimensional classification of GABAergic interneurons with Bayesian network-modeled label uncertainty. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience8: 150.

Monaco, J., Casellato, C., Koch, G., & D'Angelo, E. (2014). Cerebellar theta burst stimulation dissociates memory components in eyeblink classical conditioningEuropean Journal of Neuroscience40: 3363-3370.

Morales, J., Benavides-Piccione, R., Dar, M., Fernaud, I., Rodríguez, A., Anton-Sanchez, L., Bielza, C., Larrañaga, P., DeFelipe, J. & Yuste, R. (2014). Random Positions of Dendritic Spines in Human Cerebral CortexThe Journal of Neuroscience34: 10078-10084.

Nachbaur, D., Dumusc, R., Bilgili, A., Hernando, J., & Eilemann, S. (2015). Remote parallel rendering for high-resolution tiled display walls. Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization. 

Naud, R., Bathellier, B., & Gerstner, W. (2014). Spike-timing prediction in cortical neurons with active dendritesFrontiers in Computational Neuroscience,8: 90.

Nieus, T. R., Mapelli, L., & D'Angelo, E. (2014). Regulation of output spike patterns by phasic inhibition in cerebellar granule cellsFrontiers in cellular neuroscience8: 246.

Pecevski, D., Kappel, D., & Jonke, Z. (2014). NEVESIM: event-driven neural simulation framework with a Python interface. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics8: 70.

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Schuller, B., Benedyczak, K., & Rybicki, J. (2014). High-Performance Computing on the Web: Extending UNICORE with RESTful Interfaces. In The Sixth International Conference on Advances in Future Internet (No. FZJ-2014-06228). Jülich Supercomputing Center.

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Testa-Silva, G., Verhoog, B., Linaro, D., de Kock, C.P., Baayen, J.C., Meredith, R.M., De Zeeuw, C.I., Giugliano, M., & Mansvelder, H.D. (2014). High bandwidth synaptic communication and frequency tracking in human neocortexPLoS Biology, 12: e1002007.

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Other relevant publications

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