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Understanding the Brain Through Large, Multidisciplinary Research Initiatives

The multidisciplinary and multicenter approach needed to tackle the issues around understanding the brain are highlighted in an article in the latest issue of Lancet Neurology.

Written by representatives of three of the leading brain research initiatives (HBP in Europe, BRAIN in the US and Brain/MINDS in Japan), together with members of the European Commission and the European Parliament, the article highlights issues from the recent STOA workshop held at the European Parliament. The relevant issues identified at the workshop were 1) the need to coordinate and standardize the wealth of data produced, 2) the benefits of data sharing, 3) the need to educate young scientists in the integration of information technology and experimental neuroscience, and 4) the importance of ethics in brain research.

An editorial piece in the same issue of Lancet Neurology also explains the successful adjustments the Flagship HBP has made since its inception, and offers some suggestions for fruitful engagement with the scientific community in the future.

What People are Saying

  • Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. This is our opportunity.

    Prof. Karlheinz Meier, University of Heidelberg,
    Co-leader of the Neuromorphic Computing Subproject

  • The Human Brain is the most complex system that we know of. We would like to develop some kind of ‘google' brain where we can zoom in and out, see it from different perspectives and understand how brain structure and function is related. The ultimate aim of the Human Brain Project is to understand the human brain. This is only possible when we understand the structural organization of the human brain.

    Prof. Katrin Amunts, Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine,
    Forschungszentrum Jülich

  • The Human Brain Project will become a major driver of ICT in Europe.

    Prof. Thomas Lippert, Institute for Advanced Simulation, Jülich Supercomputing Centre,
    leader of the High Peformance Computing subproject