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The Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBT) are part of HBP Subproject 12 ‘Ethics & Society’. In the HBP we organise and facilitate dialogues with the public on potentially controversial issues and those of immediate relevance to the HBP. Our vision is to engage the European society in setting the direction for HBP research and innovation and broaden the debate on the ethical, legal and societal issues arising from the project.

To do this we organise:

Citizens Meetings - Face-to-face meetings with EU citizens where ethical, legal, cultural and societal issues related to HBP research are debated.

Online consultations - Interactive online surveys to collect public opinions on issues related to the HBP.

Stakeholder Forums  - Online and physical dialogue meetings between scientists, stakeholders, experts and decision makers on ethical and societal issues related to HBP research.



What is public engagement in the HBP? Why is it important?

HBP public engagement activities aim at addressing concerns and opinions of EU citizens about social, ethical, cultural and legal issues related to the HBP. With a stronger understanding of the perspectives of citizens, the HBP can communicate better and promote more responsible research thattakes citizens’ perspectives into account.


How is public engagement undertaken in HBP?

With regular intervals Citizens Meetings are held with EU citizens. The citizens learn about the theme for debate before they reflect on their thoughts and points of views in discussions with each other. The meetings may be visited by non-HBP experts.


What is the aim of stakeholder dialogues? Why is it necessary?

HBP stakeholder engagement activities aim to provide opportunities for researchers and stakeholders to engage in critical dialogue and to explore the broader social, political, ethical and legal implications of HBP research. By inviting non-HBP experts and stakeholders, controversies may be anticipated and a better dialogue can be created.


How are the themes for the engagement activities identified?

The HBP raises controversial questions to citizens, stakeholders and experts with diverse backgrounds. The issues addressed are of immediate and future relevance for the everyday work of the HBP researchers. The themes for debate are identified and developed through the Rapporteur Network, the EAB and the PORE.


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Public engagement and dialogue team

Lars Klüver, Director


Lise Bitsch, Senior project manager


Marie Louise Jørgensen, Senior project manager


Karen Riisgaard, Project manager


Nicklas Bang Bådum, Project leader

Martin Bejder Jensen, Project assistant