The Neuromorphic Computing platform: Getting started

For an introduction, please read the silicion brains 'homepage'.

To use the Neuromorphic computing platform (SpiNNaker and BrainScaleS machines):

  1. Check out the documentation: HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform Guidebook, also available as downloadable .pdf version
  2. Get an HBP account (either ask any colleagure who already has an HBP account to invite you or send an email to:
  3. Read the overview text in the prototype collab
  4. Create your own collab
  5. Request a resource allocation using the "Resource Manager" link in your new collab (for this step we will have to ask you for a copy of your passport)
  6. Run your own neuromorphic simulations via the "Job Manager" link in your new collab, using your own PyNN described network and you own input data.