Update October 2017


Subproject One - Mouse Brain Organisation

SP1 generates neuroscientific concepts, knowledge, experimental datasets and tools, which are used to build models for the simulation of the brain.

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Subproject Two - Human Brain Organisation

SP2 develops neuroscientific concepts, tools, knowledge and datasets to contribute to a better understanding of the human brain.

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Subproject Three - Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience

SP3 uncovers the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive processes, such as learning, perception, sleep, consciousness, and associated systems phenomena.

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Subproject Four - Theoretical Neuroscience

SP4 develops theoretical algorithms which play a key role in many areas of neuroscience research, including modelling of biological processes, analysis of brain activity patterns, and input into brain-derived computation.

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Subproject Six - Brain Simulation Platform

SP6 provides an internet-accessible collaborative Platform, the Brain Simulation Platform, designed for predictive reconstruction and simulation of brain models.

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Subproject Nine - Neuromorphic Computing Platform

SP9's Neuromorphic Computing Platform provides brain-inspired computer architectures and makes them available for applications and experiments in neuroscience and generic computing.

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Subproject 10 - Neurorobotics Platform

The Neurorobotics Platform allows researchers to give any simulated brain model its own “body” — virtual or even real — and explore how it controls movement, reacts to stimulus and learns in a virtual environment. 

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Subproject 12 - Ethics and Society

Through its research and ethics management, Subproject 12 promotes Responsible Research and Innovation practices within the HBP, and helps to shape the direction of the HBP in ethically sound ways that serve the public interest.

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