The Science and Infrastructure Board

The Science and Infrastructure Board (SIB) drives forward the HBP's scientific excellence, ensures the implementation of its research plan, and develops the Project's long-term roadmap. The SIB works closely with HBP scientists and governing bodies to ensure the Project is well-coordinated and science driven.

The SIB is composed of Subproject (SP) Leaders. To elect the SIB, SP Work Package and Task Leaders are asked to nominate candidates from their SP for the position of SP Leader and Deputy SP Leader. The Work Package and Task Leaders then vote for their preferred candidate from the list of nominations. The candidate who receives a simple majority of votes becomes the SP Leader. The Deputy SP Leader is then selected from the list of nominations by the SP Leader.

The Chair and Vice Chairs of the SIB are:

  • Chair of the SIB / Scientific Research Director – Katrin AMUNTS
  • Vice-Chair of the SIB / Software Development Director – Alois KNOLL
  • Vice-Chair of the SIB / Infrastructure Operations Director – Karlheinz MEIER

The SP Leaders, and Deputies, are:

SP1     Javier DEFELIPE (Deputies: Egidio D'ANGELO, Sten GRILLNER)

SP2     Katrin AMUNTS (Deputies: Jean-François MANGIN, Francesco PAVONE)

SP3     Cyriel PENNARTZ (Deputy: Pier Stanislao PAOLUCCI)

SP4     Alain DESTEXHE (Deputies: Viktor JIRSA, Idan SEGEV)

SP5     Jan BJAALIE (Deputy: Sten GRILLNER)

SP6     Henry MARKRAM (Deputies: Jeanette HÄLLGREN KOTALESKI, Felix SCHÜRMANN)

SP7     Thomas LIPPERT (Deputy: Thomas SCHULTHESS)

SP8     Philippe RYVLIN (Deputy: Mira MARCUS-KALISH)

SP9     Karlheinz MEIER (Deputy: Steve FURBER)

SP10     Alois KNOLL (Deputy: Marc-Oliver GEWALTIG)

SP12     Kathinka EVERS (Deputy: Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX)

Partnering Projects representative

Luc Gentet (from CANON partnering project)